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Donate to Love Spells Film

Donate to Love Spells Film

Love Spells is a short film that will accompany a 3 song EP baring the same name by the artist Aviana And The Pure Root. Love Spells is a story about finding true love while exploring the concept of reincarnation and soulmates. Moving through each song, a story will be told through film about the highs that come with encountering someone from a previous lifetime, but then realizing that it was just a lesson to be learned and a pattern that we are supposed to become aware of and not repeat. The story ends with deepening our connection to nature, the cosmos and the love of self which ultimately results in us attracting our true life partner. The film will be shot between L.A., Jamaica and Ghana. After 60 days of fundraising from January 17th - March 15th 2023 first with Kickstarter and then INDIEGOGO, only $5,080 was raised of the 30K goal. With enough to begin shooting the LA portion of the film, Aviana is moving forward to continue raising funds to complete the project. Give whatever you can to support Aviana in bringing her art into the world! Follow us on Instagram @lovespellsfilm and @avianapureroot as well as Facebook @LoveSpellsFilm
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