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Bring your mind, body and spirit back into alignment with our selection of healing, high vibrational tea blends. All herbs are organically and ethically sourced.

Tea, is our love language...

Circle of Awareness: A Tea Meditation

This guided meditation calls for its participants to be seated in a circle, to slow... 

Intimate Tea Pouring

**Please email before booking to have your event and location approved.... 

A holistic approach to healing...

Healing is not just one thing. It takes work on many different fronts. Plant medicine, energy work, meditation and music are a few of the ways that Live While Living by Aviana approaches total healing. Let us support you in the best we ways we know how by booking a tea meditation, sound healing or trying one of our nourishing teas!


  • I waited to drink the WOMB LOVE tea during my time of the month and I’m glad I did! The aroma of the rose petals in combination with other ingredients was soothing and really did relax my monthly cramps! However, this isn’t just something that women can enjoy. I let my husband taste my cup of tea and he opted to make his own so men enjoy it too! 


  • The hint of lavender in the CALM tea is AMAZING! While getting over a pesky cold, I added a lemon to this mixture and it paired very well with the peppermint taste. I also must say that the sealed package really prolongs the life of your tea. Every time I open it, I get the same fresh scent every time. So addictive!


  • I loooved the RISE and the CALM teas! They are both delicious and feel very healing for me. I like to start my day with tea to get into the right frame of mind. These teas are great for that purpose.


  • This CALM tea literally speaks for itself! My first time sipping was under the stars with my favorite resting tunes and lights dim, which led me to a place of pure serenity. For me there were two initial elements to this tea that bring forth a total experience, from the moment you open the bag the aroma instantly soothes you. The second is, while sipping, the minty sensation leaves you grounded and literally calm. 


  • Perfectly made magical teas! Great quality.


  • I was looking for an organic supplement to improve my energy levels and Live While Living’s RISE Blend lifted my mood and concentration significantly, in the first serving. Because of the rich, flavored dandelion blend, I no longer rely on caffeine for a wake-up boost and have enough stamina for busy workdays.