About us

Live While Living by Aviana LLC is a health and wellness platform that is dedicated to empowering human beings to reach beyond the space of merely existing within our bodies and “getting by.” By tapping deeper into our spirits in various ways that are in tune with nature, we help facilitate true healing that leads to living an abundant life while on earth. It is a life in pursuit of thriving over surviving, a life that draws upon nature and its wealth of resources that give us all that we need to achieve a state of optimal health.

Live While Living by Aviana LLC was created through a series of health hardships turned triumphs. In 2016, my mother suffered a severe stroke and I saw life instantly shift into me becoming her full-time caregiver for three years. My new role along with the worsening of chronic asthma that I had suffered from since a child, inspired me to radically transform my lifestyle and eating habits.  I took up a holistic lifestyle along with the intense study of natural remedies and spiritual practices like yoga, energy healing, meditation, the consumption of alkaline herbs and a vegan diet. These radical life transformations not only lead to me healing myself from asthma, but by imparting these same practices upon my mother, I helped to dramatically improve her health as well. My mother’s health improved so much, she was deemed a success story by her various doctors.

Of the many natural remedies I delved into, one of the most healing practices were and still are my use of herbs as medicine to heal different aspects of the physical, spiritual and emotional body. Now with over 7 years of studying herbs and holistic methods, Live While Living by Aviana’s first offering to support abundant living include three organic herbal teas-CALM, RISE and WOMB LOVE. Each made with love and care, all are designed to give balance and nurturing to the body.